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  • Locking C-Clamp Set (2-Pack)

    Locking C-Clamp Set (2-Pack)

    Locking C-Clamp Pliers These locking pliers from Strong Hand Tools area the perfect companion to our Fireball Squares. Sold in sets of 2 or 4.Aluminum (AL) SquaresSwivel tip models are recommended for use with aluminum squares to avoid leaving marks...

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  • Inserta Clamp Inserta Clamp

    Build Pro - Inserta Clamp

    Inserta Clamps- T Handle These clamps from BuildPro are perfect for use on tables with 5/8" or 16 mm holes.  While originally designed for 5/8" holes, the difference in size between 5/8 and 16 mm is only 0.005" (less than two Post-It Notes...

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  • Build Pro - Inserta Pliers

    Build Pro - Inserta Pliers

    Inserta Pliers Insert into 5/8" diameter holes for fast hold-down clamping. This clamp excels at repetitive   Part No.Throat Depth A (in)Opening B (in)C (in)Weight (lb) PTT522K 2 2-3/8 6 0.7 PTT634K 3 4 8 0...

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  • BuildPro - Pivoting T-Post Clamp

    BuildPro - Pivoting T-Post Clamp

    Pivoting T-Post Clamp (T51670) Use the versatile Pivoting T-Post Clamp to apply vertical, horizontal, or angled clamping force. Clamping arm can be separated from the vertical post portion to be used for horizontal clamping.  Your plate or table...

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  • Heavy Duty C-Clamp

    Heavy Duty C-Clamp

    Not your ordinary C clamps. Compare this to the "other" C clamps out there and you'll find that the body weight and spindle diameters on our clamps are almost double the weight and diameter of other clamps on offer. Forged medium carbon steel...

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  • T-Handle, Sliding Arm Bar Clamp

    T-Handle, Sliding Arm Bar Clamp

    T-Handle, 4.75" Throat Depth- Bar Clamp These clamps feature T-Handles for easy clamping even in tight spaces.  Rated for 2100 lbs pressure, this clamp exerts 4-5 times more clamping pressure than full size vise-grip style locking pliers. ...

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