Eagle Grip (Made In USA) Curved Jaw Locking Pliers w/ Wire Cutter


Size: 7"
Sale price$93.00 NZD


These locking pliers are made in the USA from the revived original factory in DeWitt, Nebraska. We've personally used loads of locking pliers from top brands all over the world in our quest to find and develop the best tools, these are definitely the best quality, fit, and finish we've ever come across. Congratulations to Malco Products for bringing this production back online in the USA, prior to this there were zero manufacturers of locking pliers left in the states.

Eagle Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers possess all the toughness and quality of our straight jaw pliers but also provide full gripping power on a variety of shapes and applications. The strong jaw has the strength to grip, clamp, and tighten just about anything so you can get the job done. These curved jaw pliers also feature an integrated precision ground wire cutter for added versatility, sharp enough to cut through a variety of wire with ease. Built for the toughest jobs and designed for every job, Eagle Grip is American innovation at its finest.

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