Fireball Tungsten, Tig Welding Electrode, 10pc

SKU: FB-WL20-0116

Color: (Blue) Lathanated 2%
Size: 1/16"
Sale price$20.00 NZD

Fireball Tungsten

  • Length: 7"
  • 10pc Set

Mix Pack Includes

1/8" x2

3/2" x 5

1/16" x 3

(Blue) Lathanated 2% (Red) Thoriated 2%

Lanthanated electrodes are a popular choice for welding due to their ease of striking an arc and lower amperage requirements. They perform exceptionally well in both AC and DC applications because they are made with oxide lanthanum, which provides the electrode with the proper balance between the evaporation of oxide as well as oxide migration and overall function. This design gives the Lanthanated Tungsten optimal stability, life, arc, and versatility.

The Thoriated electrode is a traditional welding electrode that produces a continuous and stable arc without spreading or dispersing. It is known for its long lifespan due to its thermostability and ability to maintain a round top shape.

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