Fireball Tool Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you ship Internationally/Canada/Alaska/Hawaii?

Yes, for international orders please visit

2. What are the dimensions of the squares?

The Mega 12 and Monster 12 squares are 12" x 12 " x 3".  Approximate metric unit conversion is 305 x 305 x 76 mm.  
The Mega 8 and Monster 8 square are 8" x 8" x 1.5".  Approximate metric conversion is 203 x 203 x 38 mm.
3. What size square should I get? 8" or 12"?
Size of square should be determined on the size of material being used. Applications with material less than 2" works best with the 8" square. Applications with material larger than 2" works best with the 12" square.
4. What to pick, Aluminum or Cast Iron?
Cast Iron is heavy duty and is best for high production, high-use applications. Aluminum is lighter and is best for wood working, off the table welding situations (like on sawhorses), and applications where rust may be an issue.   Please see our video about this topic on our youtube channel.  Cast Iron or Aluminum?
5. Do you have a video of tips and tricks for using the squares?
View all of Jason's tips and tricks for using the Mega and Monster square here.  Tips on Using Squares
6. Do the squares come with tabs?
Yes, all squares come with tabs. Mega 12 and Mega 8 squares come with 4 tabs each, Monster 12 and Monster 8 squares come with 3 tabs each.
7. How do you keep the squares from rusting?
Keep squares away from moisture as much as possible. Use any good quality rust inhibitor to keep rust from forming.
8. Is Cast Iron magnetic?
Yes, Cast Iron is magnetic. Cast Aluminum is not.
9. Is there a shipping cutoff time?
If you place an order before 9am Pacific, we'll be able to ship it out on that same day. Orders placed after this time will be shipped the following day.
(Please expect shipping delays until January 2021)

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