Fireball Tool

  • Metalworking Sink or Swim

    Metalworking Sink or Swim

    Before I found Tom Lipton’s Youtube channel (oxtoolco) I read this book. Even in the age of Youtube, there’s nothing that beats a well produced hard copy. Great stories, tips, and over...

  • Monster Square 12

    Monster Square 12

    MONSTER 12 Series Overview The original MONSTER square. This square features a stiff flange and web design (like an I-Beam) that is cast and machined on all 5 faces for accuracy (3...

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  • Monster Square 8

    Monster Square 8

    MONSTER 8 Series Overview At last, a square for every welder to call their own instead of making do with equipment from the carpentry aisle. The MONSTER 8 takes its cues from the original MONSTER...

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  • Shoulder Bolts (4 Bolts)

    Shoulder Bolts (4 Bolts)

    Shoulder Bolts When you need to attach equipment or tools to a fixture plate, shoulder bolts are an effective, cost effective method. Choose from several sizes depending on the thickness and design...

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