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  • Magswitch  MagSquare

    Magswitch MagSquare

    Use MagSquares as right angle squares for your fixture needs, or use the threaded holes on the side to create your own custom magnetic fixture.  Turn the top knob 180 degrees to align the...

  • MagSwitch Lifting Magnet

    MagSwitch Lifting Magnet

    The Magswitch MLAY600 brings a lot of power in a small, lightweight package.  Weighing less than 5 lbs, this magnet is rated for 197 lbs of safe working load (max breakaway of 584 lbs) when used...

  • Magswitch,  Pivot Angle 200

    Magswitch, Pivot Angle 200

    Magswitch Pivot Angle 200 The Magswitch Pivot Angle offers a range of angles from 22 to 270 degrees. Each axis features a Magswitch with a 200 lbs (90kg) hold...