Plier Swivel Base (2 Pack)

Fireball ToolSKU: FB-PSB100-2PPK

SWIVEL BASE KITS: Swivel Base (2-Pack)
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The patented Plier Swivel Base is a game changer, it allows you to precisely place the tip of the BuildPro Inserta Pliers anywhere on the table surface.

You’ll have to try it for yourself to believe how simple it is. Simply replace the existing stud on the Inserta Pliers with our swivel base and you’re ready to go.
We recommend using it with models PTTK934 and PTTK956 (the larger body pliers).  Why? The plier swivel base increases the ride height of the pliers so with smaller body pliers the tip of the plier will sometimes no longer contact the surface of the table.
 The Mounting Adaptor swivels 360° and provides a 1" extension of the Inserta Pliers base for the extended reach, or retraction, of the Inserta Pliers as needed for precise placement of the clamping pad.
Part No. Thread Weight (lb)
T56010 5/16-18 0.4

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