The Workbench (60"x30" Cast Iron Table)

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Legs: Standard Legs
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Save On Ding and Dents

This 60"x30" table is the size typical work desk, but easily extendable. It packs a lot of weight for its dimensions so it's extra sturdy. This size is also designed for joining together to make larger tables.

Tabletop Dimensions 5'W x 2.5'L x .66'H (60"W x 30"L x 8"H)



Full Weight Capacity

5,500 lb

Weight Capacity / Leg

1,500 lb

Hole Diameter

ø 3/4"

Grid Pattern


Base Material

Cast Iron (FE)

Tabletop Weight

975 lb (1,050 lb Shipping Weight)

Join 2 tables to make a 5' x 5'

This table is the size typical work desk, but easily extendable.

120" x 60" (10' x 5') Configurations

A secondary intention of this table was to design it for connecting or expansion in the future. Connect 2 tables to form a 5x5 surface or 3 tables in an H formation to create a 10x5 area.

How does it compare to other Table Systems?

Fireball 3/4" System

  • 2" Grid
  • 3/4" Hole
  • Compared to 28mm, double the number of holes on table top
  • Compared to 5/8" or 16mm 45% Larger Cross Section double the material thickness
5/8" or 16mm 28mm
  • 2" or 50mm Grid
  • 5/8" or 16mm Diameter Hole
  • 100mm or 4" grid
  • 28mm (1.10") Diameter Hole


1” thick Gray Cast Iron on top and 1” thick sides, additional reinforcement ribs underneath. Machined flat on all 5 sides to within +/- 0.0025” per 24” x 24” area. Side apron on the tables are 8” tall with 3 rows of holes.

Leg Options

Legs mount onto plates at the bottom of the table. Leveling feet with spindles at the bottom of the legs offer fine adjustment and leveling.

Leg Option Height Leveling Pad Adjustment Range Table Surface Height Static Load Capacity Weight

Standard Leg


+/- 1”


2,000 lb

30.8 lb

Height Adjustable

24" - 38"

+/- 1”

32" - 46”

2,000 lb

40.7 lb

Fixed Leg + Caster


+/- 1”


1700 lb

36.3 lb

Height Adjustable + Caster

22" - 30"

+/- 1”

30" - 38”

1700 lb

36.3 lb

Table Videos

Factory Seconds

Producing large castings with perfect surfaces is a difficult task. The larger the surface area, the more likely there is to be some air pockets or voids during the casting process that only show up after machining.

Our castings are optimized to produce a high quality top surface, but even a typical table will often have some small imperfections on the top or side of the machined surfaces.

When the tables experience a higher number or severity of surface defects we designate them as factory seconds and sell them at a discounted price.

Customers who order factory seconds will receive photographs of the table before shipping.

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