Post Pin, 1" x 2"

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  • Post Pin, 1" x 2"
  • Post Pin, 1" x 2"
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Fence Pin System

Fence pins are the fastest method to set a stop for your material. They rely on two 7/8” long shafts to maintain their position on the table and are therefore very easy to place and remove. They are also very low cost because thy don’t require the use of multiple, pricey components that other tables require.

Current welding table systems rely on using at least three components (1x stop bar and 2x bolts) to achieve the same effect and their total cost is typically 2-3 times the cost of our single fence pin.

The absence of a locking mechanism does have one slight tradeoff in that it allows a slight wobble with the fence. The tolerance of our table and accessories mean that at 2” height from the table surface, you can experience a total deflection range of .020 total for both directions. Because that range is for movement in both directions, in actual use the deflection range will be closer to .010” or 1/100th of an inch. We believe this is a reasonable tradeoff for speed as material can be clamped to the surface of the table first and often the required tolerance for the part is well below the variance created by the fixture.

Our fence pins are designed with an offset, so by rotating it 180 degrees you can quickly move end an inch in the opposite direction.

An accessory that pairs extremely well with the fence pin system is our magnetic shims. Our magnetic shims system can creates offsets as little as 3/16” and non magnetic as little as 1/32”. They feature a 1x2” profile that matches perfectly with the ends of our fence pins to create the perfect known fixture distance without pulling out a tape measure.

1"x1"x1" Post Pin

Post pins are the fastest, easiest way to set a 90 degree angle. We use square pins so parts don’t roll away and you have enough contact surface to clamp a part against it.

It’s also the easiest way to elevate a clamp or pliers when you need an extra 2” of clamping height.

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