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  • Inserta Clamp Inserta Clamp

    Build Pro - Inserta Clamp

    Inserta Clamps - T Handle P/N: UDN5150 / UEN5200 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    Part No.Clamping Capacity (in)Throat Depth (in)Clamping Pressure (lb)Rail Size (in)Weight (lb) UDN5150 6-1/2 3-1/4 300 5/8 x 5/16 1...

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  • Build Pro - Inserta Pliers

    Build Pro - Inserta Pliers

    Inserta Pliers PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Insert into ∅5/8 for fast hold-down clamping. Mount on the Right Angle Bracket, Riser Block, or Clamping Squares for push down clamping at an elevated height for taller workpieces. The patented rear crank...

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  • BuildPro - Pivoting T-Post Clamp

    BuildPro - Pivoting T-Post Clamp

    Pivoting T-Post Clamp (T51670) Use the versatile Pivoting T-Post Clamp to apply vertical, horizontal, or angled clamping force. Clamping arm can be separated from the vertical post portion to be used for horizontal clamping.  Your plate or table...

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  • Fixed Length Ball Lock Bolt (4 Pack)

    Fixed Length Ball Lock Bolt (4 Pack)

    An essential component in Modular Fixturing! Ball Lock Bolts are a time-saving, efficient method of locating, and fastening fixture elements to the BuildPro® tabletop. Insert the Ball Lock Bolt over the fixturing element and turn the knurled head...

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  • Forged Bench Vise

    Forged Bench Vise

    What's special about this bench vise: This vise has a specially designed 4 point swivel base designed to match up with holes on most common welding tables.  Whether you have a table with 5/8" or 16 mm holes, if the spacing is on 2" centers this...

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  • Locating Pin/Stop- 2" Height (4 pack)

    Locating Pin/Stop- 2" Height (4 pack)

    Locating Pin/Stop, 2" Height These stops are turned and finished off with a black oxide and oil bath, they are slightly undersized at the bottom to slip fit into 5/8" (0.625") table holes. Use a pair of pins to quickly set up (locate) an edge on your...

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  • Plate Leveling Fastener (1 Stud)

    Plate Leveling Fastener (1 Stud)

    Plate Leveling Fasteners These fasteners were designed for the DIY welding tables. If you want a flat welding table you need these fasteners! These fastener allows the builder to be able to make a surface flat. Fasteners are fully machined,...

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  • Shoulder Bolts (4 Bolts)

    Shoulder Bolts (4 Bolts)

    Shoulder Bolts When you need to attach equipment or tools to a fixture plate, shoulder bolts are an effective, cost effective method. Choose from several sizes depending on the thickness and design of the parts you are trying to attach.  There are...

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  • The Original Thread Checker

    The Original Thread Checker is an accurate and easy-to-use thread verifier for both nuts and bolts. Conveniently assembled onto a wire loop, it is especially well suited for distinguishing between similar inch and metric threads. Specifications Each...

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  • Universal Cast Iron Fixture plate

    Universal Cast Iron Fixture plate

    Fireball tool newest tool! The universal cast Iron fixture plate. This plate is great for a stable machined flat surface to build or fabricate off of.  Is your welding table not flat? No problem make your own using the utimate material for welding...

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