Tooth Block Kit

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  • Tooth Block Kit
  • Tooth Block Kit
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Tooth Block System

The game changing tooth block system is a cornerstone of our new philosophy of modular fixturing and the heart of our patent pending designs.
Current fixture systems rely on friction to hold parts in position. Metal on metal surfaces, especially flat machined surfaces, are typically low friction, so it’s easy to bump a fixture accidentally while working. Measuring the distance between two fixtures also requires the use of constant measuring and adjustment which if eliminated would safe lots of time and simplify setups.
The tooth block system eliminates all those problems at once. The steps in our tooth blocks and toothed locating washers work with the table holes to place the fixture right where you intend and creates a positive lock that won’t let it slide around.
The teeth of the block are designed to be used face down on the table which prevents spatter from getting into the part.

The main increment of our tooth block system is 1/8”, but by changing the spacing of the teeth in our locating washers, you can achieve 1/16” locking increments. The block can be used without the tooth washer and with just the slot.

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