Dragon Wagon Leg (Single)

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Style: Height Adjustable Level Pads
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Modular Accessory Legs

  • Modular system that allows for a huge variety of accessory customization. (Add shelves seats, leg braces, slag tray and more.
  • Heavy Duty
  • Telescopic and Adjustable in 1 inch increments.
  • Designed for attaching other accessories and equipment.
  • Flanged design eliminates need for leg cross bracing.
  • No wobble design. Special bolts remove gaps between telescoping tubes.
  • Leveling Pad & Caster: M30 thread

Adjustable Height Leg

Leg Height

21" - 31"

Leg Weight

27.46 lb

Table Surface Height

25" - 35"

Static Load Capacity

1200 lb

Adjustable Leg + Caster

Leg Height

26" - 36"

Leg Weight

31.14 lb

Table Surface Height

30" - 40"

Static Load Capacity

750 lb

How to Install Legs on a Dragon Wagon

This is how to install legs on a Dragon Wagon. Remember, it is heavy so try to get a friend to help you.

Step 1: Stand the table up on its side (You can use a clamp in one of the side holes in order to get a grip, there is a GIF at the bottom that demonstrates this)

Step 2: Brace the table so it does not tip over.

Step 3: Put the legs on horizontally, starting from the bottom legs (make sure the holes line up on each leg across from one another). Torque the bolts to 30 ft. lbs.

Step 4: Stand the table up now that all legs are on. Remember, the table weighs upwards of 200 lbs - 400 lbs depending on the size, so be very careful (this is where your friend can help)

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