E-Weld Nozzle Kit + Applicator

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  • Economical - only a thin layer needed
  • Extend life time of nozzles
  • High amount of active ingredients
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Reduces downtime
  • Eliminate the frequent need for replacement

E-Weld Nozzle (53-F912)

This ceramic spray keeps your nozzle free of spatter through a full day of welding. Comes with a special applicator to quickly and evenly coat your nozzle. Just press the tip of the MIG nozzle into the applicator and it dispenses an even coating that lasts through up to 8 hours of welding and temperatures of up to 1832° F.

Besides prolonging your nozzle life, it reduces time spent reaming out the nozzle and prevents poor gas coverage due to spatter buildup between runs.

You can also use the spray applicator to coat and protect surfaces such as tool and fixtures from weld spatter.

Comes with both the “normal” spray nozzle and the special MIG tip applicator nozzle.

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