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There are so many ways to use this square it seems like Magic. It’s two squares in one- when you purchase one Magic Square you get two individual squares that also link together to form 5 different combo squares. A zinc adjustable handle provides tool-less angle adjustments.


There are so many ways to use this square it seems like Magic. It’s two squares in one- when you purchase one Magic Square you get two individual squares that also link together to form 5 different combo squares. A zinc adjustable handle provides tool-less angle adjustments. Here’s all the main ways to use the square:


Use it as an ordinary, adjustable angle square that adjusts from 40 to 180 degrees.


Right Angle 90 Degree Square with generous weld accessibility. Total height of 8” in this configuration.


Tall 12” square when fully opened and locked into place


Remove the fasteners to get two individual squares


Use the large V-groove to hold large round tubing or pipe

Switch up mating surfaces to position material in offset positions.

Put the squares back together but with the mating surfaces reversed. This allows you to use the square to hold material offset to each other.


Use a second pivot point on the square with the mating surfaces reversed to change the balance of the square, it’ll seem like an entirely different square tool!

Tips For Variable Angle Settings


One Angle Setting, Two Ways To Hold

  • Each angle you set creates two useful sets of angles on the square. You get the main angle and a complimentary angle (one acute, one obtuse)
  • The most accurate way to get an angle is to use a digital protractor. A scale is not included due to complexities in getting an accurate, high quality scale made
  • Use a 4 inch block with a flat surface as shown below to set a 90 degree angle

Quickly Set 90° Angles


Use Shims or 123 blocks


Use Mega Square


Use Minion Square

Cast Iron vs Aluminum


Cast Iron


  • Great for heavy duty projects
  • Excellent resistance to deformation and raising burrs when scratched.
  • Some natural resistance to weld spatter.


  • Heavy (Not ideal for mobile welding)
  • Susceptible to rust.



  • Lightweight (Ideal for welding on the go)
  • Resistance to deformation vs aluminum billet
  • Some natural resistance to weld spatter.


  • Can be be damaged if dropped or if used in heavy duty projects.

Included Accessories

6 Edge Location Tabs & Thumb Screws

Our revolutionary tabs allow you to align your material up so that you don’t even need a welding table! Don’t spend thousands on a flat table, just use our squares! Tighten the tabs onto the front or back of your square and you can immediately get to work. Sure, there are different jigs out there, but can they line your material perfectly in seconds?

Tool-less Thumbscrews

But it doesn’t stop there. We reinvented the game by introducing our thumbscrews. Say goodbye to your hex keys and freely adjust the tabs with only your fingers!

Optional Add-ons

Edge Alignment Pins

Install our edge alignment pins on any square to create a large, overhanging edge which can be used to index the square on a different plane. Depending on the square, this allows you to create edges which are 90 degrees (perpendicular), 45 degrees, parallel, and even 60 and 30 degrees from the edge.

  • Use it with our Monster squares to create a speed square for layout.
  • Use it to hang the square off the edge of a table for working vertical or perpendicular to table surface
  • Use it to elevate the squares off the ground or table for extra clearance when you’re fitting and welding entire frames
  • Tip! If trying to create a parallel edge with the mega square for marking, use our shims to get that perfect distance!

What is Black Oxide?

Black Oxide, blackening, oxidizing, oxiding, black passivating, gun bluing . . . these terms all refer to the process of forming a black iron oxide on the surface of ferrous metals.

The black oxide process is a chemical conversion coating. This means that the black oxide is not deposited on the surface of the substrate like nickel or zinc electroplating. Instead, the black oxide coating is produced by a chemical reaction between the iron on the surface of the ferrous metal and the oxidizing salts present in the black oxide solution. These oxidizing salts include penetrates, catalysts, activators and proprietary additives which all take part in the chemical reaction. The result of this chemical reaction is the formation of black iron oxide, magnetite (Fe3O4), on the surface of the metal being coated. Black oxide has a range of unique properties and benefits including corrosion protection & reduced friction.

Our Other Squares

  • The Mega Square is designed to quickly set your workpiece to 90 or 45 degrees.
  • Tabs help eliminate twisting and warping in the final workpiece.
  • Clamping is simple with multiple surfaces for quick and rigid attachment.
  • Roomy joint access for welding, gluing, nailing, riveting, etc.
  • The original Monster Square is available in a 12 or 8 inch size with two material choices.
  • The Monster Square is designed to quickly set your work piece to 90 or 45 degrees.
  • Clamping is simple with multiple surfaces for quick and rigid attachment.
  • Use the radius on the tabs to use the Monster Square as a traditional speed square for layout.
  • Compact configuration for use in tight spaces.
  • 6" x 4" x 1.5", the 4" width is perfect for picket spacing on gates and fences.
  • They are the first square we offer which has a built in 60/30 degree angle.
  • The cutout provides just the right amount of joint access when using it to clamp things at 90 degrees.  
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10 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by David Smith on Jul 9th 2020

    Fantastic but is not flush joint. Making the tabs about a 1/16 off. Other than that great product. I maybe had a defect.

  • 5

    Posted by Dale Dandurand on Jun 16th 2020

    Exceeded all my expectations, real handy and make the job easier to complete correctly!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Robby Poole on Jun 10th 2020

    The magic square is a great addition to my home hobby workshop. I have been making things with some angles other than 90 degrees. The magic square has come in handy keeping varying angles consistent from side to side.

  • 5
    Cast iron...

    Posted by carmelina manisco on May 19th 2020

    Excellent product and excellent service quick delivery

  • 5
    Quality and...

    Posted by Shelley Sutherland on May 19th 2020

    As a Licenced Aviation Maintenance Engineer I'm always keeping my eye out for quality. This tool definitely meets that mark.
    The functionality of this tool is amazing and I greatly appreciate Jason's two year time frame in development.
    I would highly recommend purchasing this tool.

  • 5
    Magic Square`

    Posted by Scott Widdas on May 18th 2020

    I haven't really used it yet. I have messed around with it to know I'll really like it. That's why I bought it in the first place. I also bought a pack of the 2" shop shims so I could set it to 90' very quickly. I would give more stars if available.

  • 5

    Posted by Dan Kasprzak on May 17th 2020

    Awesome! Glad to support small businesses like myself that build a tool that will last a lifetime

  • 5
    Great tool, great...

    Posted by Scott Cormier on May 13th 2020

    I have a number of the cast iron fabricator's squares and the shim set, and just recently purchased the Magic Square. I ordered the part, got confirmation that day, and it was on my doorstep two days later. It's a beautiful tool, and expertly designed and finished. I will continue to support Jason and his company/products which allow me to craft my products. - Scott Cormier, owner Splice Welding & Design

  • 5

    Posted by Scott Silva on May 6th 2020

    Another quality tool from Fireball Tools! Just like his squares, the Magic Square is a quality, precision made, well thought out tool. Extremely versatile. You can't go wrong with any Fireball Tool products!

  • 5

    Posted by Peter Kinser on May 4th 2020

    Broke down the magic square and used the 2 small squares to build my welding cart. The frame came out square and flat building on concrete floor. Well worth the money in my opinion.

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