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Fabricator PackageFabricator Package
Fabricator Package
Sale priceFrom $385.00 USD
Minion PackageMinion Package
Minion Package
Sale priceFrom $310.00 USD
Fab Pack MiniFab Pack Mini
Fab Pack Mini
Sale priceFrom $195.00 USD
Mutant Minion Fab PackMutant Minion Fab Pack
Mutant Minion Fab Pack
Sale priceFrom $360.00 USD
Magic Pack PlusMagic Pack Plus
Magic Pack Plus
Sale priceFrom $470.00 USD
Magic Package 8Magic Package 8
Magic Package 8
Sale priceFrom $355.00 USD

Hardtail Vise

The Fireball Hardtail Vise features the strongest clamping force and largest opening of any production vise in the world. It has been designed with usability, style, strength, and longevity in mind to outlast its owners.


Hex Key Set

Pretty much all hex key holders are terrible and fiddly, this holder solves that problem. Can store the keys two configurations, either with the base at the bottom and the keys sitting on their ball ends like a tree, or with the base pulled up snug to the bend if it’s going to be jostled around.

Magnetic Shim Kit

Each shim is ground on 6 sides with two magnets on the bottom face, there are 7 different heights and 4 pieces of each height in a set. These shims have countless uses around the shop and also in combination with our squares.


Fireball Originals

Save $16.00
Hex Key HolderHex Key Holder
Hex Key Holder
Sale priceFrom $22.00 USD Regular price$38.00 USD
Save $40.00
Magnetic Shim KitsMagnetic Shim Kits
Magnetic Shim Kits
Sale priceFrom $180.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD
Fireball Combination Square (Aluminum)Fireball Combination Square (Aluminum)
Fireball Combination Square (Aluminum)
Sale priceFrom $150.00 USD
Save $19.00
Maximus Bar and Dog ClampMaximus Bar and Dog Clamp
Maximus Bar and Dog Clamp
Sale priceFrom $80.00 USD Regular price$99.00 USD
Fireball ScraperFireball Scraper
Fireball Scraper
Sale priceFrom $65.00 USD
Mantis Grip PliersMantis Grip Pliers
Mantis Grip Pliers
Sale priceFrom $30.00 USD
Magnetic 1-2-3 BlocksMagnetic 1-2-3 Blocks
Magnetic 1-2-3 Blocks
Sale priceFrom $52.00 USD
Forged Bench ViseForged Bench Vise
Forged Bench Vise
Sale priceFrom $150.00 USD
Fireball  T-ShirtFireball  T-Shirt
Fireball T-Shirt
Sale priceFrom $26.00 USD
12pc Thin Shim Set
12pc Thin Shim Set
Sale price$30.00 USD


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Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 7)Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 7)
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 7)
Sale priceFrom $25.00 USD
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 6)Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 6)
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 6)
Sale priceFrom $25.00 USD
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 4)Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 4)
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 4)
Sale priceFrom $25.00 USD
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 2)Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 2)
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 2)
Sale priceFrom $25.00 USD
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 1)Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 1)
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 1)
Sale priceFrom $25.00 USD
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 5)Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 5)
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 5)
Sale priceFrom $25.00 USD
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 3)Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 3)
Fireball Tool T-Shirt (Design 3)
Sale priceFrom $25.00 USD

Fireball Table System

FA75 Table System

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The Workbench (60"x30" Cast Iron Table)The Workbench (60"x30" Cast Iron Table)
The Workbench (60"x30" Cast Iron Table)
Sale priceFrom $4,950.00 USD
Quick Clamp - 3/4" SystemQuick Clamp - 3/4" System
Quick Clamp - 3/4" System
Sale priceFrom $27.00 USD
Bullseye Swivel Plier - 3/4" SystemBullseye Swivel Plier - 3/4" System
Bullseye Swivel Plier - 3/4" System
Sale priceFrom $32.00 USD
Tooth Block Kit - 3/4" SystemTooth Block Kit - 3/4" System
Tooth Block Kit - 3/4" System
Sale priceFrom $22.00 USD
2" x 2" Vee Block, EBR (3/4")2" x 2" Vee Block, EBR (3/4")
2" x 2" Vee Block, EBR (3/4")
Sale price$53.00 USD
Save $40.00
Table Kit 1 - 3/4" SystemTable Kit 1 - 3/4" System
Table Kit 1 - 3/4" System
Sale price$390.00 USD Regular price$430.00 USD
Save $162.00
Table Kit 2 - 3/4" SystemTable Kit 2 - 3/4" System
Table Kit 2 - 3/4" System
Sale price$1,580.00 USD Regular price$1,742.00 USD
Save $285.00
Table Kit 3 - 3/4" SystemTable Kit 3 - 3/4" System
Table Kit 3 - 3/4" System
Sale price$2,740.00 USD Regular price$3,025.00 USD
Save $482.00
Table Kit 4 - 3/4" SystemTable Kit 4 - 3/4" System
Table Kit 4 - 3/4" System
Sale price$4,850.00 USD Regular price$5,332.00 USD

General Tools


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Comparator Plans
Comparator Plans
Sale price$5.00 USD
Folding Sawhorse PlansFolding Sawhorse Plans
Folding Sawhorse Plans
Sale price$5.00 USD
DIY Vise Plans
DIY Vise Plans
Sale price$5.00 USD
DIY Woodworking Vise PlansDIY Woodworking Vise Plans
DIY Woodworking Vise Plans
Sale price$5.00 USD
DIY Jack Vise Plans (PDF ONLY)DIY Jack Vise Plans (PDF ONLY)
DIY Jack Vise Plans (PDF ONLY)
Sale price$10.00 USD
DIY Jack Vise Plans (DXF & PDF)DIY Jack Vise Plans (DXF & PDF)
DIY Jack Vise Plans (DXF & PDF)
Sale price$25.00 USD

Fireball Blog

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New vs Secondhand Bench Vises

New vs Secondhand Bench Vises

How Do I Know When to Buy New Versus Secondhand Bench Vises? Whether you’re adding...
Buyer’s Guide to Bench Vises

Buyer’s Guide to Bench Vises

Buyer’s Guide to Bench Vises ...