Combination Square

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Square: Aluminum (AL)
Blade Size: 12" F2R
Sale price$120.00 USD

360° View 3D Model (Click & Drag)


This is the ultimate combination square that has a unique set of features:

1) Largest combination square on the market

2) Available in Cast Iron or Aluminum bodies

3) Fully Recessed blade with adjustment features to have a perfectly square tool

4) Combination square comes with tabs and can be used for clamping

5) “Top” face of squares allows it to be used upside down to measure around obstacles

5” Tall x 5” Long x 2” Wide

Blades available in lengths of:

  • 12", 18" 24"
  • 300mm, 450mm, 600mm

Blades made of stainless steel with Titanium Nitride finish

- Patented Design

F2R Blade Options

Combo Square Case + Carbide Scriber (For 12" Rulers)

Ultimate Combo Case

Holds every ruler size including room for 2 scribers and 2 combo squares

How To Calibrate Your Square

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