10" File Set (5 Machinist files in pouch) 16080 / 16081

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SER: 541 - Bastard Cut
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Pferd is a German company that might be better known for abrasives and carbide burrs, but they’ve been making files for over 200 years in Germany and it’s actually their original product.

Compared to other files on the market, these stay sharper longer, and have comfier handles. Most file sets go with 8” length as standard but we feel 10” is a better length for most metalworkers because it gives you a longer stroke and a little more space to grab onto the end when using both hands.

American Pattern Machinist Files typically come in three styles of cuts, Bastard Cut (roughest), Second Cut (less rough), and Smooth Cut.

On a 10 inch hand file/flat file typical teeth/inch are as follows: Bastard Cut= 23, Second Cut= 30, Smooth Cut= 40.

File Set 541 WRU: 10” bastard cut (EDP 16080)

File Set 542 WRU: 10” second cut (EDP16081)

This set comes in a rugged, weather-resistant PVC roll-up pouch for optimum protection

Hand Files

Rectangular file, cut on three sides, one side uncut. Version with tang. Shape A according to DIN 7261. Suitable for filing rectangular geometries.

  • Deburring
  • Cutting out holes
  • Surface work

Half Round (Tapered) Files

These files are used for filing out concave surfaces and crevices, and for rounding out holes. The flat side of the file is double cut for use on flat surfaces. The half round side is spiral cut which removes metal rapidly and leaves a smooth finish.

  • Surface work
  • Stock removal in radius areas
  • Deburring
  • Filing of through-holes
  • Filing of curved shapes

Round Machinist Files

This popular machinist file is designed for enlarging circular holes or rounded grooves that are too small for a half round file. It tapers toward the point making it adaptable for use on various size holes.

  • Stock removal in radius areas
  • Deburring
  • Filing of through-holes
  • Filing of interior radius shapes

Square Files

Handy for use on slots, keyways, rectangular or square holes and for surface work, this file has four equal sides. Double cut, it tapers toward the point.

  • Filing of shapes
  • Filing of through-holes

Three Square Files

Three square files are triangular in cross-section, double cut and have fairly sharp corners that are slightly set and cut. These files are for general use by machinists for filing internal acute angles, for cleaning out square corners and filing taps and cutters.

  • Surface work
  • Deburring
  • Stock removal on rectangular shapes

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