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6.5" Hardtail Vise

Fireball ToolSKU: F5-HTV614

Designed In Spokane, Washington. Made in: Taiwan
Sale price$1,800.00 USD

Next Restock:

End of June 2024


The Fireball Hardtail Vise features the strongest clamping force and largest opening of any production vise in the world. It has been designed with usability, style, strength, and longevity in mind to outlast its owners.

6.5" Jaw Hardtail

  • 33” from nose to tail
  • 13-3/4” height from base to top of jaw
  • 12” x 8” mounting pattern in the base with 3/4” bolt holes. Base should be mounted with 12” side parallel to jaws.
  • 1-3/16 diameter lead screw
  • 15k - 25K lbs clamping force
  • 15k lbs is beyond the mechanical limit of most vises
  • 14” opening with slide fully engaged within body of vise.
  • 6” wide serrated jaw included.
  • Weight: 270 lbs / 295 lbs In Crate

Nose To Tail Front of Base to Tail Height Base Width Jaw Throat Depth




11.25" x 14"




Way grooves underneath the front jaw slide keep vise steady and stable even when fully extended.

Vintage meatball style handle on nose of the vise

Swivel base locks down with two wedge nuts captured in a cast iron raceway

Base and body cast from high tensile strength ductile iron

The vise spindle and nut are in a straight pull configuration where the nut is able to distribute the compressive load in all directions through the hardtail.

This is in contrast to most wedge nut designs where load is transferred as a shear force to a single point in the vise through a spindle nut that is wedged into the body.

Thrust bearings for smooth power transmission using large diameter lead screw.

Included serrated Jaws

What's the difference between US Made & Taiwan Made Versions?

  • Both meet the same high standard of quality
  • The side of the Taiwan version says "Spokane, Washington" vs Made In USA says "Made In USA
  • USA made costs $3,800
  • Taiwan made costs $1,800
  • Taiwan version does not say Made in Taiwan on it
  • Both use the exact same materials
  • Both weigh the same

Taiwan Made

USA Made

Optional Accesories

For 6.5" Jaw Vise

How Is It Shipped?

Ships inside a crate.

6.5" Jaws

Crate Dimensions: 39"x16"x21"

Shipment Weight: 295 lbs

We set out to create the best heavy duty vise on the market and along the way we had a couple decisions to make on where and how to manufacture this vise.

This vise has two versions, a US and a Taiwan made version. Why are there two versions and what are the differences?

  • The two vises are identical in design except for some “USA” lettering on the side of the US vise. This is the only design change.
  • The main difference you will see is cost. Our US vises are cast and machined in the US which requires a substantial investment in tooling, fixtures, and processes. We are proud to offer this option, but the learning curve has been more difficult and lengthy than expected.
  • Our Taiwan made vise is made by a factory which is already experienced and tooled up in making this type of product, and even they admit it’s so large that their own production capacity is limited.

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