Mini Maximus Bar & Dog Clamp Kit

SKU: F5-BCL1005-2PPK

Kit: 2 Sets Of Clamps
Sale price$40.00 USD

Slip these bad boys over your choice of 1” x 1/2” material and clamp away. Thin wall, thick wall. The stronger your material the stronger your clamp, the longer your tubing the longer your clamp.

  • Don’t have to cut up your C clamps anymore, just weld on a piece of tubing.
  • You can spread or clamp depending on the direction you’re pushing.
  • You can place multiple clamp heads or feet on a single bar to provide multiple clamping points.
  • The large footpad works equally well on flat or round material. It’s held in place with a spring washer which prevents it from flopping around but still allows you to rotate the pad angle.
  • Clamping Pressure Using Solid Bar: 500 lbs at 24"


I Got Tired of Destroying Clamps, so I Made This Instead.

How To Install The Spindle

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