Plate Leveling Fastener (1 Stud)

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Plate Leveling Fasteners

These fasteners were designed for the DIY welding tables. If you want a flat welding table you need these fasteners! These fastener allows the builder to be able to make a surface flat. Fasteners are fully machined, made from a weldable alloy. 

The nut included in each set is a special lock nut with crimps around the body.  This makes the nut hard to turn so that once calibrated, the nut won't gradually move or get knocked loose by accident. The nuts will not thread on by hand!

If you think the nuts and threads are not working, please try this first:  Place the bolt in a vise, thread bottom of the nut on it, grab a large wrench (12" or larger handle recommended) and try threading the nut on.  It takes a bit of force, but it should thread on relatively smoothly.

Each item includes:

  •  1x machined stud, 1x lock nut, 1x socket head cap screw
  •  Outside thread on the stud is 3/4-16.
  • Internal thread of 3/8-16

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