Dragon Scale Table Topper Package


Sale price$1,400.00 USD

This is the perfect table for people who want a small, mountable welding table solution. The table topper consists of modular mounted plates, each 24" x 12" in size that rest on a machined aluminum frame. The plates are mounted to the frame using a patented bushing system that ensures accurate hole spacing between plates without any need for calibration.

The frame and plates can all be quickly assembled and disassembled with a single hex key, making it possible for one person to move the table.

24" x 12" Plates

  • Made of Grey Cast Iron
  • Dragon Scale Coated
  • 3/4" Thick Plate with Ribbing Reinforcements
  • .625" Diameter Holes on a 2" Grid Pattern, compatible with any 5/8" System such as our FA625 or BuildPro

What Is Dragon Scale Coating?

Fireball’s new Dragon Scale coating provides the corrosion resistance of our previous black oxide finish with the added benefit of enhanced spatter resistance.

It’s spatter resistance needs to be seen to believed; it out performs even the best weld spatter sprays without the use of any sprays.

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