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Hex Key Holder

Pretty much all hex key holders are terrible and fiddly, this holder solves that problem.

  • Can store the keys two configurations, either with the base at the bottom and the keys sitting on their ball ends like a tree, or with the base pulled up snug to the bend if it’s going to be jostled around.

Mantis Grip Pliers

These are the locking pliers I've always wanted. Instead of traditional designs with two medium size arms, we have one big arm and one small arm.

Minion Square - Double Deal

Like perfect minions, these squares are compact, come in sets, and are ready to hold your work when summoned.

Cast Iron + Dragon Scale Coating: $250 $280

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Magnetic Hex Key Holder (ABS)Magnetic Hex Key Holder (ABS)
Magnetic Hex Key Holder (ABS)
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Wiha Go Box Impact Bit Set 32 PieceWiha Go Box Impact Bit Set 32 Piece
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Mantis Grip PliersMantis Grip Pliers
Mantis Grip Pliers
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20 reviews
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S&W Wall Mounted Thread Checker Easy-To-ReadS&W Wall Mounted Thread Checker Easy-To-Read
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Minion Square (Pair)Minion Square (Pair)
Minion Square (Pair)
Sale priceFrom $166.00 NZD Regular price$199.00 NZD
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