This sales ends midnight 12/31/23 (11:59pm PST)

Items not eligible for discount don't count towards discount goals

$500 table items + $100 non table items = 10% Discount for non table products.

Tables and table fixutres do not count torward the order goals & are do not qualify for discount once discount tiers are met.

Tier 1: 10% OFF for everyone

This is a deal available to all customers regardless of order value. (Excludes tables & table fixtures)

Tier 2: 15% OFF on orders with a value over $300

This is a deal available to all customers with an order value above $300. The discount will be applied automatically to all products in the cart (excluding tables and table fixtures.)

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Magnetic Hex Key Holder (ABS)Magnetic Hex Key Holder (ABS)
Magnetic Hex Key Holder (ABS)
Sale priceFrom $21.00 NZD
No reviews
In stock
Mantis Grip PliersMantis Grip Pliers
Mantis Grip Pliers
Sale priceFrom $21.00 NZD
20 reviews
In stock
Save 17%
Minion Square (Pair)Minion Square (Pair)
Minion Square (Pair)
Sale priceFrom $169.00 NZD Regular price$203.00 NZD
19 reviews
In stock