24x12 Fixture Plate

Fireball ToolSKU: F5-PLT2412-FE-BO-BDK

Sale price$470.00 NZD


This plate can be used as a standalone work surface when retrofitted to a grinder or drill press, or used in multiples to create a welding table.  Each plate is over 3/4” thick with reinforced ribbing.

Made from gray cast iron.

The holes are spaced 2” apart, diameter of 5/8 to fit BuildPro tooling.

The mounting holes are fitted with non-locating bushings to create the mounting surface:

  • Suggested for situations where the plate does not need to be removed often, or does not need to be replaced with great precision to its previous spot.
  • Counterbores need to be drilled in the bearing surface with a hole to hole distance varying by no more than +/- 0.002” with no accumulation error.

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