Dragon Wagon 36" x 24" (Standard Duty)

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Legs: Height Adjustable Level Pads
Add-ons: Table Only
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Dragon Wagon 36" x 24"

  • Coating- Corrosion, spatter, and scratch resistant Dragon Scale
  • Ribbing- Full height 4" ribbing engineered to torsional rigidity
  • Holes- All counterbore and chamfered on back sides
  • Side face on the tables are 4" tall with 1 row of holes.
  • The modular leg accessory system provides an extensive range of customization options.
  • 1/2" thick table that shares all the same fixtures as the 1" thick table.
  • Flatness (+/- .004) full length, corner to corner


Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable + Casters

Tabletop Dimensions 36" x 24" (3' x 2')

Table Side Height (in)


Table Thickness (in)


Hole Diameter (in)


Grid Pattern (in)



Gray Cast Iron


Dragon Scale

Table Top Weight (lbs)


Shipping Weight (lbs)


Leg Type

Standard Duty

Number of Legs


Capacity Per Leg


Rated Weight Capacity with Legs


Tabletop Construction

1/2” thick Gray Cast Iron on top and 1/2” thick sides, additional reinforcement ribs underneath. Machined flat on all 5 sides to within +/- 0.0025” per 24” x 24” area. Side apron on the tables are 4” tall with 1 row of holes.

Dragon Scale Coating

Connect Your Tables Together

Connect any number of tables together by using tacking bolts along with spacers.


Chamfer & Ribbing

Dragon Scale Coating

Optional Accessories

What Comes With The Workstation Kit?

Full Kit


These are included only when the workstation add-on is selected.

Slag Tray Assembly


  • 3pc Set
  • Slide out slag tray & 2 drawer

Shelf Assembly


  • Reversible shelves
  • Comes with a set of 2 shelves

Foot Tray Assembly


  • 29" x 24"
  • Set of 2 trays

Already have a table but not the kit?

Cylinder/Vise Side Holder

Use the Base and the V-Bracket together to hold mount a gas cylinder

Use the Base by itself as a vise stand

Use the V Bracket by itself as a cord wrap

Height Adjustable Stand

Coming Soon

Modular Accessory Legs

Modular system that allows for a huge variety of accessory customization. (Add shelves seats, leg braces, slag tray and more.

Distance between legs:
Long Side: 26.5"
Short Side: 13.5"

Bolts are to be installed parallel to the short side.

Adjustable Height Leg

Leg Height: 21" - 31"

Table Surface Height: 25" - 35"

Static Load Capacity: 1,200 lb

Outer Tube Outside Diameter: 3.3", 0.20" Thickness
Inner Tube Otuside Diameter: 2.75", 0.15" Thickness

Adjustable Leg + Caster

Leg Height: 26" - 36"

Table Surface Height: 30" - 40"

Static Load Capacity: 750 lb

Outer Tube Outside Diameter: 3.3", 0.20" Thickness
Inner Tube Otuside Diameter: 2.75", 0.15" Thickness

How does the FA75 system compare to other Table Systems?

FA75 - Ø3/4"x2"

FA625 - Ø5/8" x 2"

  • 2" Grid Pattern
  • 5/8" Diameter Hole

FA16 - Ø16mm x 2"

  • 2" Grid Pattern
  • 16mm Diameter Hole

FA28 - Ø28mm x 4"

  • 4" Grid Pattern
  • 28mm Diameter Pattern

Fixturing System

FA75 - Ø3/4" x 2"

The Fireball Tool fixture system is superior to others on the market. It features blocks that can be used in many different ways to maximize their usage. It also can be incrementally adjusted to ensure maximum coverage as efficiently as possible while others fail to reach certain distances without a complicated fixture.

FA625 - Ø5/8" x 2"

FA16 - Ø16mm x 2"

FA28 - Ø28mm x 4"

What Is Dragon Scale Coating?

Fireball’s new Dragon Scale coating provides the corrosion resistance of our previous black oxide finish with the added benefit of enhanced spatter resistance.

It’s spatter resistance needs to be seen to believed; it out performs even the best weld spatter sprays without the use of any sprays.

How to Install Legs on a Dragon Wagon

This is how to install legs on a Dragon Wagon. Remember, it is heavy so try to get a friend to help you.

Step 1: Stand the table up on its side (You can use a clamp in one of the side holes in order to get a grip, there is a GIF at the bottom that demonstrates this)

Step 2: Brace the table so it does not tip over.

Step 3: Put the legs on horizontally, starting from the bottom legs (make sure the holes line up on each leg across from one another). Torque the bolts to 30 ft. lbs.

Step 4: Stand the table up now that all legs are on. Remember, the table weighs upwards of 200 lbs - 400 lbs depending on the size, so be very careful (this is where your friend can help)

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