Tooth Block, 5" mini - 3/4" System

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Mini Tooth Block System

The patented tooth block system is a total game changer for modular fixturing. During our development process we benchmarked all major existing brands and found their approach to positioning and adjustment were always lacking the same features. Here’s the questions we asked ourselves and how we addressed them.

Does the fixture stay in a fixed position? While allowing distance adjustment? While providing a positive locking position that won’t move when bumped?

  • You can secure the table and fixture using a solid hole to hole connection but then you have no adjustment.
  • If you use the fixture slots for distance adjustment, you are relying on friction between table and fixture to hold the fixture in place.
  • Metal on metal surfaces are low friction, especially machined surfaces.
  • Relying on friction means that to increase the holding force you need to increase the clamping pressure between the table and fixture BUT ball bearing style clamping bolts are not optimized for pressure
  • If you use the slots to set your fixture distance, all it takes is a bump to knock your fixture out of alignment.
  • A slot provides “infinite” adjustment but often you want incremental adjustments.

The tooth block system addresses all these problems at once.

The steps in our tooth blocks and locating washers work with the table holes to place the fixture right where you intend. The teeth pitch and bolt system let you create positive locking stops at set increments. The tooth blocks are designed to always provide a full range of adjustment while always maintaining two points of contact that are square with system holes. The standard range and increment we use in the “FA Series” blocks for inch spaced tables is adjustment from 0-2” in 1/8” increments.

By adjusting the hole position on our tooth washer relative to the teeth, it’s also possible to get a 1/16 to 1-15/16” range with 1/8’ increments where every increment falls on a 16th instead of an 8th.

The teeth of the block are designed to be used face down on the table which prevents
spatter from getting into the part.
The tooth block can also be used without the washer to provide the same function as a slotted “infinite adjustment” fixture.
The tooth block system brings the benefits of positive locking at set increments while still retaining the option to function as a regular slotted fixture.

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