Cast Iron Tower Block (14" x 5" x 5") - 3/4" System


Quality: Standard
Sale price$490.00 USD

Cast and machined to a 1” thickness with some reliefs for weight reduction.

These blocks can be used as table wings, as heavy duty angle brackets, or when you need to build vertical.

For Blemished Version

BLEM TOWER BLOCKS: Tolerance 0.751"-0.850"
This batch of 14" tower blocks are PARTIALLY DEFECTIVE. The two slots that are found on the 5"x5" sides are oversized due bad castings we received. The slot location is still in tolerance, but one face will be rough and drafted because it is still raw from the castings. The slots are still effective for tacking bolts to mount the tower blocks onto the top or side of a table. The defect just requires the user to be more cautious with their desired dimensions for the location of the tower block on their table.

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