Pferd Combiclick Surface Prep Kit


Sale price$90.00 USD

This kit is designed to for bulk removal of material up to a fine finish. A fine finish means scratches are removed, the surface is blended, and it’s ready for powder coat or paint.

This pad system is even effective for grinding down inside corners and I find it a better method than using die grinders.

This kit is for 4.5" angle grinders with 5/8-11 threads.

What sets the Combiclick system apart from other abrasive options:

  • Combiclick mounting system is extremely low profile. This lets you get angles of 3 degrees with Combiclick vs 15 degrees using a fiber disc system with its giant nut sticking out in the center.
  • Different backing pads for best performance in different circumstances. Hard pad for flat surfaces and medium pad for curves surfaces.
  • Low profile system lets you use more of the abrasives you pay for. Instead of just using the outer edge, you can use the disc at a lower angle and the backing pads conforms to the surface to use more of the abrasive

  Our exclusive kit only available at Fireball tool is designed to get you going with a minimum of fuss.

  • 1x medium backing pad
  • 1x hard backing pad
  • 5x 36 grit aluminum oxide
  • 5x 60 grit aluminum oxide
  • 5x 220 grit aluminum oxide pads

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