Tacking Bolt Spacer - 3/4" Diameter

SKU: FA75-BSP050

Height: 1/2"
Sale price$2.00 USD

These spacers are designed when you have table system with 3/4" diameter holes, but the thickness of the table is less than 1". Tacking bolts are designed to clamp 1" thick fireball blocks + 1" thick tables. Thinner tables will require a spacer for the tacking bolts to work properly.

For Dragon Wagon series tables, the tables are 1/2" thick, so we recommended use of a 1/2" thick spacers on each tacking bolt.

If you have a table that is 5/8" thick recommend the 3/8" thick spacer.
If you have a table that is 3/4" thick recommend the 1/4" thick spacer.

Multiple spacers can be used together. Spacers contain an internal o-ring to keep them them in place when mounted on tacking bolts.

Blemished 1/2" Spacers Available at a 50% discount

Missing O-Ring

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