Mutant Minion Fab Pack

Fireball ToolSKU: F5-MUSFPK-AL-BDK

Material: Aluminum (AL)
Sale price$360.00 USD

The Mutant Square combines many features of the Mega and Monster Square together. It can also be thought of as a large Minion Square with a 45 instead of a 60/30 degree angle.

  • Provides both 90 degree corners and an open cutaway corner for joint access.
  • The Mutant Square is 10x10x2 inches in size.
  • Its size slots in between the Monster 8 square (8x8x1.5") and the Monster 12 square (12x12x3").
  • Comes with set of 4 thumbscrews and tabs, available in either aluminum or cast iron.
    - Patented Design

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